MDsrv configuration

The MDsrv settings can be modified by changing the app.cfg file, downloadable here. Please find a permanent secure location (not accessible by others) for the file. It is possible to change the host and port, the list of directories where you store your structure and trajectory files (DATA_DIRS) and the security settings. The file is written in Python.


Directories where simulations are located should be listed within the DATA_DIR dictionary. It contains only directories, no links to specific files. There is no limit to reuse directories or division into several subdirectories. Directories can be hidden with an underscore (e.g. "_secrets": os.path.abspath("/mnt/disk1/projects")) and only accessed via the URL with the key directory name (e.g. _secrets).

	"examplepath": os.path.abspath("/path/unprotected/available"),
	"_hidden": os.path.abspath("/path/hidden/from/dir/listing"),
	"myproject": os.path.abspath("/path/project"),

Security settings

MDsrv provides two possible ways to secure the data:

  • REQUIRE_AUTH protects all directories defined in DATA_DIRS with a user and a pass-phrase.
  • REQUIRE_DATA_AUTH secures the single directories individually with an username and a password.
USERNAME = "user"
PASSWORD = "pass"

	"_hidden2": [ "user", "test123" ],
	"myproject": [ "user", "test123" ],
Note that only one of REQUIRE_AUTH and REQUIRE_DATA_AUTH can be true with the former taken precedence.

Additional settings:
Within the configuration file, HOST and PORT can be set.
Whenever the app.cfg file is changed, the apache server has to be restarted. If content within the directories is changed, a restart is not necessary. To restart execute one of the following commands:

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
sudo service apache2 restart


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